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Backyard Hot Tub Ideas


hot tub with a view

At the end of a long and stressful day, the best thing to do is to get away from it all and relax. A nice soak in the hot tub, surrounded by a beautiful backyard paradise, is the best way to do just that.

Before you rush into anything, it’s going to take a good amount of planning to ensure that the structure, design, and accessibility of your deck and hot tub will enhance the aesthetics and utility of your yard.

To assist you in creating your very own backyard oasis, we gathered some ideas that will spark your creativity and help you create the yard of your dreams.

1. Wooden deck surround

wooden deck surround

Create a functional and modern look with a wooden deck surround. This allows easy access to your hot tub as well as a clean and modern design element that complements your home.

2. Create a backyard oasis

backyard oasis with curtains

Who says you have to sacrifice all the luxuries of being indoors when you go outside? Create a luxurious space with plants, lights, furniture and more to entertain your guests and help you unwind.

3. Add pieces that complement the space

wood and stone bench next to hot tub

There are so many different options for creating a beautiful backyard, even with limited space. You can add a bench, outdoor kitchen, or even a fire pit that complements the space and provides some extra entertainment and a unique design element to your yard.

4. Make your hot tub look natural

hot tub with natural stone and plants

Just placing a hot tub in the middle of your yard can look unnatural. Why not blend it in with your landscape? Add plants, rocks, bark, and even lighting around your yard to make the hot tub blend in with your yard and home.

5. Sunken hot tub deck

in-ground hot tub with surrounding deck

Building a deck to create the in-ground hot tub look can be a great design element and adds entry and exit convenience. However, make sure there is still a way to access the spa equipment panel so you can adequately maintain your spa.

6. Low maintenance stone patio

hot tub with stone patio and furniture

No need to rip up your whole yard trying to clear space for a massive deck. Go with the simple, low maintenance stone patio that provides space for your guests and is a perfect foundation for your dream spa.

7. Use a short deck design

hot tub with short deck and ocean view

A simple short deck and seating will make your yard look five times bigger, and it creates a professional and clean look. Plants and flowers can also be incorporated into this simple deck to give it a greener look.

8. Create a separate space for your hot tub

hot tub with lights, greenery, and patio furniture

With a smaller backyard, adding a hot tub can often make it feel cramped when entertaining guests. Create a functional space for your hot tub off to the side by incorporating greenery and patio furniture while still having enough room to host get-togethers.

9. Add a wooden pergola

hot tub with wooden pergola and lights

Adding a wooden pergola is not only a beautiful design element but provides functionality as it can shade you from most of the sun’s rays during the day.

10. Go modern with cement layering

hot tub with modern cement patio

Go for a sleek modern design with different layers of cement, including a raised cement platform for the hot tub. This will certainly wow your friends and can provide the clean cut look you want.


Thought these are but a few of the backyard hot tub ideas we could suggest to create a stunning yard, we hope they have you thinking about what you can do with your own space to help you unwind and fully enjoy your Bullfrog Spa.