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How and Why You Need to Balance the pH of Your Pool or Hot Tub Water

Chlorinating and brominating products work best in water that is properly balanced.  Balanced water is also more comfortable for swimmers and helps to extend the life of the equipment.  pH is the primary factor in balanced water. Let's talk about why that matters and what to do about it. 
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5 Tips for Basic Pool Care

5 Keys to Basic Pool Care The 5 essentials of pool maintenance described here will give you a basic understanding of how your pool functions. For a carefree swimming season, learn about the 5 keys and visit your BioGuard® Authorized Dealer any time you need assistance or expert advice. Pool care can be simple when […]
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What Are The Differences Between Hot Tubs and Pools?

There are a number of ways in which a spa is different from a pool. 
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The 6 Basic Steps to Caring for Your Spa or Hot Tub

A Comprehensive Overview of Spa Care Tips and Suggestions The purchase of a spa or hut tub is an important investment in health and well being. Protecting that investment by properly caring for the spa and spa water is important.