This mission extends to our customers and beyond, to our incredible team members, our dealer partners, all of our families, and our communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected hundreds of thousands of people around the world directly, sometimes with dire health outcomes, and many millions, if not billions, indirectly. The resulting social and economic effects continue to affect us all in unprecedented ways. However, we are strong, united, and we are committed during these times to doing what it takes to ensure the safety, health, wellbeing, and peace of our people and our communities, while keeping our economy moving, to ensure we all come out of this historic period well.

We are taking the following measures in our retail locations and encouraging the same care with our team members and customers.

Personal health practices: Washing hands, social distancing, while encouraging personal responsibility, vigilence, and care.

In-store health practices: Sanitizing all surfaces, maintaining safe social distancing.

Community health practices: Supporting and adhering to CDC and local government guidelines while encouraging team members to care for family and community health.


Bullfrog Spas Factory Stores is happy to provide many low-contact or no-contact ways to shop with us during this time when we are all concerned with the spread of COVID-19.

Some of these options are:

Over the phone or text

Phone or text message consultations. Contact us by phone or by using the text to chat function below and we’ll be happy to provide a digital product presentation on spas or to take orders for chemicals, filters, and accessories. We can arrange for curbside pickup or ship most of these items direct to your home.

Curbside pickup

Curbside pick up. Contact us by phone or text and we’ll be happy to run your chemicals, filters, or other accessories out to you as you wait in your car.

Backyard consultations

Backyard consultation. Where allowed, we will be happy to meet you in your backyard for a digital product demonstration and backyard consultation. This allows one of our experts to assess the space, base material, wiring, and access at your home so there are no surprises when your spa arrives. We will maintain a safe social distance to ensure safety.

Digital product demonstrations

Digital product demonstrations. We have some amazing interactive screen sharing capabilites. These demos include digital 3D and image-based experiences that allow you to visualize your spa in Augmented Reality and/or 3D space along with images from real customers’ backyards and tons of information. We can accompany these demos with communication over the phone or by text or chat to answer any questions you may have. Call, text, or fill out this form to request a no-touch digital product demo.

Call, Text, or Visit Your Local Factory Store Today

Call us, text us, or, if and when it’s possible, come see all your favorite Bullfrog Spas features in person at your local factory showroom.