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Health Benefits of Hot Tub Use


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The health benefits of using a hot tub are a major reason why so many people are purchasing spas. There are countless ways hot tubs can improve your health not only physically but mentally.

There may be a health benefit you are looking for specifically, from stress relief and relaxation to improved sleep or circulation. This article covers it all and we hope you find the benefits you’re looking for in your search for the perfect hot tub.

Pain Relief

One of the most sought after hot tub health benefits is pain relief. The combination of hot water and jets is therapeutic for your body and helps you accomplish your day to day tasks.

Muscle Relief

Heat and cold are both known to help the body heal rapidly. In fact, many athletes will take ice baths to improve performance and relieve soreness. However, experts show that heat works even faster than cold in relieving sore muscles.

Not only do hot tubs provide excellent warm water therapy, but they also have powerful, soothing jets that help you feel as if you have a personal masseuse relieving the tension of each of your sore muscles.

Joint Relief and Arthritis

If you have arthritis or joint pain, it can be difficult to perform everyday tasks, but warm water therapy has been proven for years to help you stay loose and active. Bill T. said, “I have arthritis in my knees and feet and my spa has been great in the evening when it flares up.”

Doing light exercises in the hot tub can also help to strengthen joints and muscles without putting additional stress on your body unlike a regular workout.

Improved Circulation

Another hot tub health benefit is improved circulation. When you immerse yourself in warm water, your blood pressure and heart rate typically decrease and circulation increases. This means that when you use a hot tub it is easier for your heart to pump blood throughout your body which can aid in long-term heart health.

If you have any prior heart issues, please be sure to consult with a doctor before using a hot tub.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Anxiety, tension, and pressure are feelings we experience just about every day. What better way to end those stress-filled days than soaking in your hot tub. A study done by the University of Minnesota showed that just 10 minutes in a hot tub can decrease anxiety and improve feelings of well-being.

With warm water, soothing jets, mood lighting, and a calming waterfall, one can’t help but sit back and enjoy their personalized spa experience.

Hot Tub Weight Loss

Though a hot tub won’t simply melt away your fat, it can aid you in your quest to lose weight. Hot tubs relieve soreness in joints and muscles which can improve flexibility and your ability to perform regular exercise routines. Additionally, hot tubs can help you get a full night sleep which decreases stress, and improves productivity throughout the day. Hot tub weight loss may sound like a myth, but using a hot tub can help you feel energized and motivate you to be the healthiest you.


Another hot tub benefit that is often overlooked is healthier skin. Soaking in a hot tub can open up your pores and make you look and feel more rejuvenated. However, following your soak it is beneficial to take a quick cold shower and use moisturizer to seal up your pores and avoid dry skin.

Improved Sleep

In order to have a good sleep, it’s important to be relaxed and forget about your worries. Soaking in a hot tub at night can help you get to this relaxed state and enjoy a better quality sleep.

To back up this theory, a study was conducted by the NCBI, which found that soaking in warm water in the evening led to an increase in sleepiness at bedtime and slow wave sleep.

Now that you have learned about the many benefits of hot tub therapy, start enjoying those benefits by clicking below. You will be able to design your very own Bullfrog Spa customized to your health needs and you will receive a price quote when you finish.