Wood Plank Grilled Salmon

Wood Plank Grilled Salmon on the BBQ

This is the Best Grilled Salmon Ever

Simply a 10 out of 10

The Salmon I grilled on my Traeger last night  was the best salmon ever. And I cook a lot of salmon!


Traeger Lil’ Texas Grill
Pellets – Hickory
Wood Plank – Alder
Seasoning – Lemon Pepper

Preparation:First, your choice of fillet is all important. Fresh is best, for that reason I buy all my fish at Costco. My family eats salmon about once a week and we have purchased it from a few different vendors and by far the best has been Costco. Tried and true. Second, soak your plank in water for about an hour, some say more than an hour, but this worked fine. Rinse your fish and place on plank. Season with lemon pepper. Squeeze one whole lemon on your fish, then slice your lemon and place on top of your fish. Slice up 5 Tbls of butter and place those on top of your lemon slices. Preheat your grill on high for ten minutes and then place it on your grill.


10 minutes in, cut up your second lemon and reapply fresh lemon juice. Cook for another 30 minutes till your salmon internal temperature comes to about 145. Squeeze the last half of a lemon for final application and let it sit for 5 minutes on the grill with it switched off.

Remove your salmon and enjoy!


Again, the best salmon ever!

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  • Steve Leetham says:

    Great recipe… I used my Big Green Egg purchased through Bullfrog Spa and the Salmon came out fantastic… I really think the butter was the secret ingredient. Now if I could just get someone to come fix my Spa life would be great…

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