Peaceful Body, Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Homeā„¢

Learn how a Bullfrog Spa can add more peace to your life.

Peaceful Body

Ease your pain, improve your sleep, and recover from your workouts. Bullfrog Spas provides powerful JetPak massage options such as Alleviate, DeepRelief, and FibroTherapy to melt away your aches and pains.

Choose the JetPak massage that targets your pain, place it in the seat that fits your height, and adjust the therapy dial to your preferred intensity. You’ll love having your own private massage every night.

Peaceful Mind

Reduce your stress, escape your worries, and calm your anxieties. Relaxing JetPak massage options such as RainShower, NeckMassesue, and Wellness will help you unwind at the end of a long day.

And don’t forget to turn on the soothing waterfall feature and mood lighting to enhance your rejuvenation.


Peaceful Home

Take a break from your cell phones and connect with your loved ones. With 17 JetPak massages to choose from and varying seat heights, each family member can have their own favorite spot in the spa.

Add an optional in-spa audio system and your backyard will be to the go-to gathering place. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

Visit Your Local Factory Store Today

Come see your favorite Bullfrog Spas in person at your local factory store. Sit in the different seat types, try the interchangeable JetPak options, and choose your favorite accessories.